Thursday, July 12, 2012

Visa day (yikes)

My mom and I headed into D.C. this past Wednesday to apply for my French visa. Normally Americans don't need visas to enter the country, but I was required to apply for one since I'll be there for longer than 90 days. The day would have gone off quite well if I hadn't forgotten some important things.

1. No one can come into the embassy but the person who has the visa appointment. So my mom had to wait outside the complex, and I was a nervous wreck going in.
2. I forgot to copy my driver's license, so I had to go back to the front gate to get it, make a copy and go back to the window (after the lady got upset with me).
3. People who work in any bureaucratic system and have no power to change it are not the most pleasant people.

So after I almost peed myself in the waiting room, afraid that they were going to send me home and that I'd have to come back another day (which would have meant flying back to Virginia another day) I left with the process complete.

This is my I-just-had-to-deal-with-a-foreign-embassy face:

We then took a walk around Georgetown, and found this really cute place to eat. It helped ease my need to drink heavily. 

Once I had calmed down it was actually a good day. Got to enjoy some time in the city and at home. Most importantly my paperwork is in, and I'm just waiting to hear back from the embassy. Then I'll have to head back into D.C. to get my passport stamped, but hopefully I won't be able to screw that up too badly.


See! It was eventually a happy day!

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