Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things I've eaten in Paris

The things you never thought I would ever eat in a million years:
     - Some kind of cheese soup
     - Stuffed mushrooms
     - Stuffed tomatoes
     - Cheese (but to be honest, I'm not being very brave about the cheese I pick).
     - Shrimp
     - Almost bloody meat (This is true. The meat is extraordinarily pink - and delicious)
     - Risotto
     - Melon, topped with mozzarella, and some kind of vinaigrette
     - Pesto and tuna

Things I eat almost daily:
     - Frosted Flakes (aka Frosties here in France because they don't have an -ED past tense ending)
     - Baguettes. All the time.
     - Ham/Butter/Cheese sandwich

Things I should never eat again:
     - That cheese soup
     - Stuffed Tomatoes
     - That awful gyro at St. Michel
     - The pretty gross Chinese I ate for lunch today, also at St. Michel

BONUS - Things I haven't eaten yet:
     - Chocolate croissants (WHERE ARE YOUUU?)
     - An entire baguette, all to myself
     - Nutella. But seriously, how is it so hard to find some damn Nutella.
     - Escargot, but give me some time and I'll get to it.

Bon Appetit!

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