Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Loire Valley

This past weekend my program took some of us to the Loire Valley in France, a place famous for its beautiful castles...and its wine!

We toured three castles (of many) in the region and got to see the places that nobles lived from as early as the 11th century. We visited the Chateau du Blois, Chateau Chenonceau, and Chateau Chambord. Take a look at the pictures up on my flickr, because they are quite beautiful.

Saturday night, we went to a wine tasting! We saw how wine is made from the crushing of the grapes to the bottling. There is a long process from start to finish. Most importantly, we tasted seven different wines - reds, whites, rosées, even a sparkling wine! I even bought some and sent them home with my dad, so come Christmas time we'll be able to have a taste of the Loire Valley.


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