Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Countdown

Alright, here we are. Because it is still really early in the States, I've got 11 days to go, but in my mind I've already flipped down to 10.

I've started to pack up the room that I've called home for the past 9 months. When I first got here in September one of the first things I did was put up pictures of family and friends to make it feel more like home, and that is actually what I just took down. Now my room feels empty and like I'm actually preparing to leave.

Things are wrapping up everywhere. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I have work and then one more day next week and I'll be finished. We had our farewell for the program and I said goodbye to a lot of friends. Also I need to cancel my phone service and close out my bank account. And pack. Yikes, lots to do.

Luckily enough though, my brother came to visit me this past weekend for 4 days. We did all of Paris in just those days and I am exhausted. So here is a quick run down:

Day 1: Danny got in mid-day and then we headed out to explore the Latin Quarter, do a little Midnight in Paris tour. We walked from Cardinal Lemoine to the Luxembourg Gardens to Montparnasse, hopped the metro to Saint Germain-des-Pres and then again to Cité where we saw the Notre Dame then Ile Saint Louis. (phew) Then we got some Chinese (of course) and went to the Mazet (also of course).

Probably the best part was heading to the Eiffel Tower at midnight to surprise him with how it lights up. Always a winning moment

Day 2: Musées D'Orsay and De l'Orangerie to check out some of my favorite pieces including Monet's Water Lilies. Between these were a walk to the Louvre and through the Tuileries. We then hopped down to Ecole Militaire where we grabbed lunch in a tabac (Danny had a croque madame). Then we climbed the Eiffel Tower (something I hadn't done before, oops). Dinner was at this amazing place called Relais de L'Entrecote - all they serve is Steak Frites. Steak and fries. and they keep coming back with more.

Too. Good.

Day 3: We started with a walk around Montmartre, followed by some lunch and wine on the Seine under the Notre Dame. We did some great souvenir shopping on the Seine and around Saint Michel as well. Then we hit up the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. Dinner was at this cute little bar café where we had the most filling and amazing dinner. I also introduced him to kir, an amazing french aperatif. Afterwards we went back to the apartment and watched some Scrubs and ate some cheese and drank some wine.

Day 4: Relaxing day. We went to Chez Ladurée for some macarons, went to Saint Michel again had coffee at a cafe, and went to Shakespeare and Company again.

*The most amazing thing happened in Shakespeare & Co. We were up in the reading room and someone started to play the piano - beautifully. Then Danny nudges me and gestures to the player. She's playing "Let's Fall In Love" by Cole Porter, another Parisian artist of the 20s. I died. It was perfect.*

Our lunch was cheese by the Seine, where we devoured an entire baguette. Afterwards we bought some wine for him to take back and went to the apartment to pack. The last thing we did was head to the Marais, a quarter I'm not in enough and ate falafels and crepes for dinner. We actually ended up stumbling upon the Bastille as well!

All in all it was amazing to share my favorite city with my brother, and a great chance to do all last minute touristy things, that I may have been too lazy to do otherwise.

I'm not going to get all weepy in this post, but expect that next week when the fact that I'm leaving really hits me.

A toute mes amis,

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