Saturday, March 30, 2013

Family Week

I know it's been a while, but I've been busy (watching Doctor Who...). But this past week I was lucky enough to have my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law come visit me here in Paris. Here's a quick list of what we did.


     My parents got here! They got here pretty early and we went to the apartment they rented for the week. After some hanging out and getting a bag of clothes from home, we walked from the apartment to the Eiffel tower, around Invalides then popped back to Cambronne on the metro. It was beautiful that day, but pretty chilly. We also got our first round (of many) of bread, wine and cheese. From here on out you can just assume that we ate bread, wine, and cheese at some point in the day.


      Guillermo and Diana got here! The metro passes didn't go online until Monday, so we walked everywhere. From Cambronne we went to Montparnasse, through the Luxembourg Gardens,


     We started the day with a makeshift Midnight in Paris tour, going all around the 5th and the 6th arrondissements checking out places used for filming in the movie. We also had some fun stops like Hemingway's apartment at 74 Rue Cardinal Lemoine and Gertrude Stein's apartment (with her partner Alice), which is just around the corner from my school!

     The family got to meet Louise that day too, so they are now aware of how wonderfully crazy she is, and also how incredibly beautiful my apartment is. It's almost unfair that I get to live here, it's so great.


     Tuesday morning I had to go to class (I do actually go to that sometimes), so my family headed up Tour Montparnasse, which is supposed to have an amazing view of the city. I can only assume so, because there is no Tour Montparnasse to ruin the skyline.

     In the afternoon we went up to Montmartre and I gave a tour of the hill ending at Sacre-Coeur. I forgot how much I love love love going up there and all the history that still exists there. Also, Tuesday night we went to my favorite bar, The Mazet, where I know the bartenders. We had some beers and watched the France-Espagne world cup qualifying match, so you can assume that my dad was pretty happy.


     Waking up Wednesday morning was hard, but we headed out to Notre Dame, and were able to go inside and climb to to the top. My legs felt like jello afterwards (after 422 stairs). We did a little shopping and had some snacks around Saint Michel as well. And by snacks I mean crêpes.

Wednesday afternoon I had to work, so the family went out to Opéra and did some shopping at Galleries Lafayette. We also did drinks after dinner at the Mazet, again.


    Museum day! we did Musee d'Orsay in the morning, which was pretty packed with people. I always love seeing my favorite Renoir painting though (Moulin de la Gallette). Afterwards we popped over to Café Deux Magot (a favorite haunt of Hemingway) and had some ridiculously incredible hot chocolate.  Longchamp was just down the road and we bought some beautiful bags! I got the bag I wanted in the beautiful beige! Grabbed a cheap lunch at De Pomme Au Pain on Rue de Rennes, and then we went to Musee de l'Orangerie to see Monet's waterlily paintings. After museum number two we did saint michel again and went around to Ile Saint-Louis.


     Diana and Guillermo left on Friday morning, and then the parents and I went to Shakespeare and Company. The time to get there is seriously just as it opens. It is so quiet and beautiful inside. I hate that it's getting packed with tourists again. I just want to go sit and read upstairs. We got some adorable little bookshop bags, and mom is making me a list of the things she wants from the store.
     I was also feeling pretty miserable by this point. A week of pure touristing does not sit well with my immune system. So we went back to apartment and I took a nap (and a Zicam). At 4 pm we dropped my bag and home and grabbed a bag to things to send back with my parents. Then we went to Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower and got lunch at this fabulous little greek place on Rue Mouffetard.

Parents left this morning really early and since then I have showered, done some laundry, and pretty much nothing else. Well I took a three hour nap and I started watching Downton Abbey. I am still exhausted and kind of sick. In all honesty, this past week was pretty much what I've done in 5 months. The tourist life is not for me. Time for me to get back to real life, which hopefully means a little more sleep and a lot less walking.

Things I have coming up: the day care I work at is having an eco-friendly fair and inviting all the parents so i'll be there next Saturday, on the 19th I leave for Amsterdam for 2 days and on April 26th I leave for Italy for four days! Oh and hopefully Spring will arrive somewhere in there as well.


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