Thursday, April 4, 2013

J'aime plus Paris.

Yesterday in class we listened to a song by that title by a Parisien singer named Thomas Dutronc. It means "I don't like Paris anymore". Technically you're supposed to use the negation "", but it's often left out in modern everyday language.

J'aime Plus Paris - Thomas Dutronc

So, along the same lines, I thought I would outline some of the things I don't like about this city.

- Le gris: So. Much. Gray. The sky is the gray; the trees are gray; the buildings are gray. Okay the last one is an exaggeration, but I really miss sun and green. I could really use a beach.

- Le metro: The metro smells like pee, and it's always packed with people. You always have be on top of your things, so you don't get pick-pocketed. It's exhausting.

- Dog shit: People don't clean up after their dogs. So the game plan is "eyes to the ground". I've only stepped in it once.

- Pigeons: Wow, I hate pigeons. They're gross and annoying and not afraid of anything. Ugh, also sometime they're gimpy (super not politically correct, but they're pigeons...) and they'll be missing a foot and walking around on a stump. Also TOURISTS LOVE THEM AND FEED THEM.

- Tourists: So many of them, and they walk so absurdly slowly. I have places to go and they take their time walking 4 across down on the tiny sidewalks. So I definitely turn into bitchy Parisienne and push past them, usually while glaring. Sorry that I have places to go and that you're being super inconsiderate. Don't even get me started on giant tour groups.

But J'aime plus Paris, also means "I love Paris more". And, ultimately, you can't help but love this city more and more.

A bientôt mes amis,

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